Tiger Tails

In a strange situation,
no one is a stranger.

The Dawn

Represented by the Sun insignia on our bottle, Gimlets are fresh, light, and flavourful—making them ideal for daytime consumption.

A classic Gimlet is a cocktail made with four parts gin, and one part lime cordial.

A contribution to social consciousness where the citrus fruit from our distillery is used to make cordials for our gimlets.

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The Tale of
Stranger & Sons

Deep in the jungles of the Western Ghats in India, lives a two-tailed, three-eyed creature who once chanced upon juniper berries hidden in the secret pocket of a sari blouse. The story of this gin began with her.

She’s known to appear on full moon nights holding a pot with her human hand and hiding secret ingredients in her two tails. Some say you can find her between dusk and dawn, at the local bars in Panjim, Goa but we’ve heard murmurs of sightings in London, Singapore and Thailand…

Her pug marks disappear as soon as she makes them, as though as there’s an invisible wind whose sole responsibility is keeping her existence a mystery to all, except those she chooses. And even then she always uses her third eye to connect with them.

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Thank you for trusting us, we will be in touch!

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The Dusk

Represented by the Moon insignia on our bottle, Gibsons are savoury, layered and aromatic—perfectly enjoyed post- sunset.

A variation of the Martini, a classic Gibson is made with gin, vermouth, brine and garnished with a pickled onion.

A Gibson celebrates our Indian pickling heritage, a culinary custom passed down from our ancestors that we’re now bringing to the bar.

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